Power Rehab

Power Rehab is a robotic muscle-nerve rehabilitation system that is able to perform a variety of tests and exercises in various movement modes, including passive, isometric, isokinetic and isotonic in a concentric and eccentric manner for all organs and joints of the body. This system has various applications in physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics, sports medicine clinics, biomechanical research centers, rehabilitation, neuroscience and motor behavior, etc.

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Aqua Mill

Aqua Mill is an advanced hydrotherapy system that allows you to walk and run on a treadmill and in the water. The combination of a water pool with a treadmill is a good alternative to biomechanical movements in a dry environment and provides ideal hydrotherapy conditions without any restrictions. This system has all the features needed for effective treatment, rehabilitation and fitness, and patients of all ages and with different physical abilities can enjoy the benefits of using this water treadmill. Usually, the use of this system is widely used in cases of recovery after surgery, improvement of mobility, weight management, pain management, fitness and well-being.

MicroTech disinfectant with UV lamp

MicroTech is an ultraviolet disinfection system based on ultraviolet properties that has the ability to disinfect and kill germs, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms. Unlike most disinfectants, UV rays penetrate the cell wall of microorganisms and affect nucleic acids and other vital cellular materials. As a result, the cells that are exposed to this radiation are damaged and destroyed. Exposing enough UV rays for a long time actually damages and destroys the DNA and RNA of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. And prevents them from reproducing. The optimum wavelength of UV radiation for germination is in the range of 245 to 285 nm.
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Light Gait

The Light Gait Dynamic Overhead Suspension System provides a safe and controlled environment for the patient’s true gait experience to perform rehabilitation exercises and improve posture. Using this system, depending on the patient’s ability and the type of complication, a certain amount of the patient’s weight is suspended and supported by the device. As a result, the patient’s weight is reduced, enabling him to begin the rehabilitation process faster and in the early stages of the disease and complication. Gradually, as the patient recovers, the amount of weight suspended by the device is reduced by the therapist, so that the patient can try to walk independently in normal conditions and complete the recovery process.

Easy Gait

EASY GAIT is an advanced gait rehabilitation system that combines GAIT analysis treadmill, patient weight suspension and virtual reality software to bring together all the features needed for gait rehabilitation and balance, this device for the treatment of all types Neurological disorders or orthopedic injuries that affect a person’s gait and balance are appropriate.




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