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AquaMill Aquatic Treadmill is an advanced hydrotherapy and aqua fitness system that allows you to walk and run on a treadmill and in the water. Training on a treadmill in a water chamber has many advantages over performing biomechanical movements in a dry environment providing ideal hydrotherapy conditions without any restrictions. This system has all the features needed for effective treatment, rehabilitation and fitness, and people of all ages and with different physical abilities can enjoy the benefits of using this treadmill. Typically, the use of this system is widely used in cases of postoperative recovery, improved mobility, weight management, pain management, fitness, and well-being.

Aqua Mail introduction


Hydrostatic pressure:
• Decreased heart rate and arterial pressure
• Reduce swelling
• Increase metabolism
• Increase chest pressure and improve cardiovascular condition

Immersion in water
• Reduce the load on painful joints and muscles
• Improved flexibility
• Increase static stability
Optimal temperature
• Relax the user
• Reduce pain
• improve blood flow

Surface stress created by water
• Help increase the balance of patients and injured athletes
Water resistance to movement
• Strengthen weak muscles and limbs
• Significant increase in exercise volume

Aquamill device with its new and unique technology has made it possible for the user to enter and exit the device compartment without needing to drain all the water inside the device. This feature, which has a US patent, includes the following user advantages: 

  • Occupies less space (no need for water storage tank)
  • Eliminate plumbing between the device and the external tank and consequently reduce the required costs
  • Reduce the time required for the user to enter and exit the device
  • Aquamill has advanced protocols for cardiac rehabilitation and wireless fat burning exercises and can adjust the speed during exercise. Also, its characteristic feature is the ability to adjust the speed of the treadmill at very low speeds and also to change the speed of the treadmill in small ranges of 0.05 hundredths of a kilometer per hour. In this way, this device can adjust the speed of the treadmill at 0.15 km/h, which is an important feature to start rehabilitation at low speeds. Also, the treadmill can move in both directions.
  • Water purification system, heat exchanger and water temperature adjustment inside the chamber, 4 water jets, folding chair for exercises sitting in the water chamber, LED lights, hand shower for muscle massage, Possibility of installing a static weight suspension system to help patients in the early stages of rehabilitation and prevent the patient from falling during exercise.

Ankle injuries
With the AquaMill aquatic treadmill, it is possible to lose 60% of your effective body weight while walking, which can be very helpful in rehabilitating and healing ankle injuries.

Knee and thigh injuries
With a variety of Aquamill aquatic treadmill programs, repair and recovery after knee and hip replacement surgery, treatment of cruciate ligament rupture, and other hip and knee injuries gain more speed and quality.

Spinal cord injuries
Rehabilitation after spinal cord injuries should be performed in a fully supportive and controlled manner. The Aquamill aquatic Treadmill enables less challenging activities by reducing weight and increasing static stability, and the low speeds of the treadmill allow patients to take the first step to recovery in the early stages of the complication for rehabilitation.

Weight and fitness management
Based on a 60% reduction in body water weight, people who are overweight can exercise and burn fat in the early stages. And according to the fat-burning protocols in this device, for any weight, they do exercises in water so that they can reach fitness.

Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases
Exercising in water strengthens the cardiovascular system. Increased resistance and pressure are the main factors in achieving this situation. Proper body temperature is also one of the reasons for the results of hydrotherapy. Water immersion can strengthen the respiratory muscles and increase beneficial cardiovascular activity.

Neurological damage
Patients with movement disorders due to stroke, concussion and cerebral palsy use the Aquamill aquatic treadmill to learn to walk again in a supportive environment.