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Neuro Rehab


Neurological rehabilitation equipment for patients with stroke, spinal cord injuries, MS, concussion, Parkinson's and CP children, etc., aims to help patients with neurological disorders recover from any changes in a person's normal functioning. Causes disruption and problems in the normal course of the patient's life to a minimum



Hydrotherapy equipment with 60% reduction in effective body weight during exercise is the most effective way to rehabilitate patients after injuries to the knee, thigh, ankle and spine. 

Sport Medicine


 Sports medicine equipment focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of injuries related to physical activity and sports activity in adults and children. Injuries related to joint rotation and torsion, which lead to damage to muscles, tendons, ligaments, meniscus, bones and joints themselves, are rehabilitated and healed by this equipment.


Increasing the quality of products and services, effective training of company personnel, increasing per capita production and market share and establishing a quality management system


Identify and eliminate the weaknesses of traditional treatment methods in the field of rehabilitation and provide better services with up-to-date and high-tech equipment to help patients recover


Provide advanced rehabilitation equipment around the world and meet the rehabilitation needs for a better life


Matin Medical Designers Company (MAT bionics)

by offering innovative products and superior services in the field of rehabilitation, has focused all its activities on customer satisfaction and reducing the destructive physical and mental effects caused by movement disorders.

The company aims to help improve and restore mobility in sick people and using its expert and experienced team, to strive for a better life for all.



Neuro Rehab (LightGait)

LIGHT GAIT The Light Gait Dynamic Overhead Suspension System provides a safe and controlled environment for the patient’s true gait experience to perform rehabilitation exercises and improve posture. Using this system, depending on the patient’s ability and the type of


Neuro Rehab (EasyGait)

Easy Gait EASY GAIT is an advanced gait rehabilitation system that combines GAIT analysis treadmill, patient weight suspension and virtual reality software to bring together all the features needed for gait rehabilitation and balance. Neurological disorders or orthopedic injuries that


Sport Medicine

Power Rehab Power Rehab is a robotic muscle-nerve rehabilitation system that is able to perform a variety of tests and exercises in various movement modes, including passive, isometric, isokinetic and isotonic in a concentric and eccentric manner for all organs



AQUATIC TREADMILL AQUA MILL AquaMill Aquatic Treadmill is an advanced hydrotherapy and aqua fitness system that allows you to walk and run on a treadmill and in the water. Training on a treadmill in a water chamber has many advantages


Sales and Transportation to whole country

Ready to provide consulting services, design as well as equipping rehabilitation clinics (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, sports medicine, etc.)
Aqua Mill


Aqua Mill is an advanced hydrotherapy and aquafitness system that allows you to walk and run on a treadmill and in the water. Combining a pool with a treadmill is a good alternative to biomechanical movements in a dry environment and provides ideal hydrotherapy conditions without any restrictions

Aquatic Treadmill

For athletes who need to stay in shape during an injury, or for patients trying to improve their ...

Gait Training Exercises

Taking steps and walking is one of the most common physical therapy goals for families I hear.

Physical Medicine

Physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R), also known as physiatry or rehabilitation medicine...

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